Volume I

by David Shurr

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A small collection of unplugged acoustic recordings.


released August 29, 2012

℗ 2012 David Shurr. © 2012 David Shurr. All rights reserved.
All songs written & performed by David Shurr.
Cover photograph by Josh Nicol.
www.davidshurr.com | hello@davidshurr.com



all rights reserved


David Shurr Preston, UK

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Track Name: Introduction
Hold on to all you're giving,
How long have you been living?
Cus I can't keep up now.

The rain came and poured an ocean,
The cold slowed my every motion,
Cus I moved far too fast.

Hope is fading,
Bones are breaking,
Home is taking it's time.
Track Name: When I Get Home
When I get home I'm gonna sleep in the morning,
When I get home I'm gonna sleep all day,
And when I get up I'll go to work in the evenings,
And when I get home I'm gonna sleep all day.

I've been carrying a fire darling,
I've been carrying a fire round,
I'm gonna take it down where the heart is,
I'm gonna let it burn that town down.

Have you ever felt thin in your skin?
With something from the outside trying to get in?
The dust on the ground as guilty as sin,
Tell me darling is it gonna get in?

When I get home.
Track Name: From The Watchtower
From the watchtower I tried to see your face,
All the ravens they tried to feel my pain,
All the cravings they only barred the way,
Like a craven I smoked the day away.

On the back of a journey far and wide,
There's no shortcut to the all seeing eye,
Took a dog leg through your heart (made me cry),
All the people, the idle passers by.

When it rains we don't want to go outside,
It pours down in the blinking of an eye,
Weather beaten hearts, how do we get by?
It's a wonder why we even try.
Track Name: Bell
Oh girl, you've been ringing my bell,
What's on in your head? I wish I could tell,
Oh girl, you've been drinking a drought,
You live in a world of shadow and doubt.

Oh girl, I hope you're still around,
Somewhere warm all safe and sound,
Oh girl, did you get home fine?
Oh girl, you really take your time.

Oh girl you've been ringing my bell,
And I'm not one to tell,
Oh girl, with a bit of luck,
You'll stick around and I can get unrung.

Oh girl, you know you deserve,
Some company that knows it's turn,
Oh girl, I wish you could know,
Of honest moods and wholesome bones.

Oh girl, don't feel ashamed,
The ones around you can't relate,
I pray you'll know one day,
You're not wrong to be this way.